Campus Ministry

The Campus Ministry Program at Chaminade-Madonna is in response to the school’s mission of “educating the heart and soul as well as the mind and body” and motto of Toward a Better World. Building a faith community which meets members where they are and challenges them to be “ministers,” by giving them opportunities to recognize their own gifts for the purpose of serving is the primary focus of the program. As a faith-based school, we believe that nurturing the spiritual dimension of all members of the community is important. As a Marianist school we strive to be faithful and give voice to the tenets of Marianist spirituality. The positive creation of community and the exercise of hospitality are important  as we welcome new members each year. 

As an intentionally diverse school community, we welcome participation in all programs by all members regardless of their professed faith tradition.

Goals and Objectives:

  • To proclaim and celebrate the Gospel message
  • To communicate the heritage and charism of Blessed William Joseph Chaminade and the Marianists
  • To provide opportunities for members of the school community (students, faculty, staff, parents and alumni) to explore their relationship with themselves, others and God
  • To celebrate the faith community through various forms and styles of worship
  • To call on and encourage members of the community to share their gifts and to minister to others’ needs by responsible participation in all facets of society
  • To be open to change and adaptation by “reading the signs of the times,” while staying rooted in Gospel values 
  • To coordinate all aspects of the service hour requirement(s) for each student

Ours is a great work, a magnificent work. If it is universal, it is because we are missionaries of Mary, who has said to us, 'Do whatever He tells you.' Yes, all of us are missionaries."

Blessed William Joseph Chaminade 
Marianist Founder
Campus Ministry Programs:

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Campus Ministry

For more information, please contact:

Steve Terry
Director of Campus Ministry
954-989-5150 ext.119
Rev. Robert Bouffier, S.M.

Brother Jack Ventura, S.M. 
Director of Mission Integration

Caytie Lagrange
Mission Integration Committee Chair