CMCP Scholars: Explore the Possibilities!

The Oxford Dictionary defines a scholar as a person who is highly educated or has an aptitude for study and scholarship as academic study or achievement (learning at the highest level).  The mission of the CMCP Scholars program is to offer selected high achieving students on- and off-campus enriching educational opportunities.  The program seeks to connect student’s rigorous coursework with post-secondary and career possibilities.

 CMCP Scholars Program Requirements:

  • Rigorous core-curriculum all four years of high school (Honors & AP classes expected)
  • Maintain a 3.7 simple GPA, no letter grade below a B
  • Participation in academic honor societies
  • Score 1000 or higher on PSAT prior to Junior Year
  • Students in Top 10 of their class

Class of 2020

Isabella Bairnsfather
Nicholas Dicarlo
Angelina Herrero
Jennifer Jamison
Anna Kopsick
Alanna McDonnell
Kristen Rodriguez
Alexandra Simon
Sarah Simon
Gerold Van der Vlugt

Class of 2021

Kaiel Aguilar
Dylan Bailey
Frank Billisi
Juan Garcia
Penny Garza
Rachel Godfrey
Maya Hazley
Kara Kent
Simone Kessler
Katelyn Kossow
Luke Riahifar
Lauren Rogers
Ivette Sanchez
Benjamin Schlichte
Veronica Domond

Class of 2022

Divya Chaudhari
Cade Cochran
Betzabe Gil
Marc Liger
Jack Lohse
Brock Lopez
Briana Van Oordt
Colin Orrett
Bryanna Paruas
Ari Serrao
Olivia Van der Vlugt

Class of 2023

Alma Ciurea
Alyssa Ferro-Lloret
Nicole Gomez
Daniel Guerrero-Hoffman
Emma Gulaskey
Chase Hale
Tanner Jenkins
James Kelly
Kory Lasewski
Tyson Lopez
Ana Paiva
Rylan Payne
Ian Respeto
Sofia Silva
David Vazquez