College Placement

As a college preparatory school, it is our aim to have 100% of our students accepted to one or more colleges/universities as part of their post-secondary plans. Assistance in navigating this process can be difficult for parents and students. The Director of College Placement is available to all students and families throughout their tenure at CMCP. Services include:

  • Networking with college admissions representatives
  • Assistance with college applications and scholarship applications through NAVIANCE software
  • Naviance Family Connection
  • College Application Workshop in the fall for Seniors
  • Senior Student & Family College Planning Evening in the fall semester
  • Hosting an annual College Fair for students in grades 9, 10, 11, 12
  • College Information Evenings for all grade levels and families.
  • Florida Bright Futures guidance

College Application Process:

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Freshman Year
  • Post high school college and career planning begins during 9th grade
  • Discussions are held throughout the year about the criteria used for college admissions
  • PSAT in October
  • College Evening with freshmen students and families held second semester
  • Student resumes are created in Naviance
  • Students will take a career interest inventory
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Sophomore Year
  • College Admissions Representatives visit CMCP campus
  • PSAT in October
  • College Fair on campus in October with over 70 college representatives from across the country
  • College Evening with sophomore students and families held second semester
  • Student resumes updated in Naviance
  • College and career research 
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Junior Year
  • College Admissions Representatives visit CMCP campus
  • PSAT/NMSQT in October
  • College Fair on campus in October with over 70 college representatives from across the country
  • Student resumes are updated
  • College and career research
  • College lists are created
  • College evening with Junior students and families held first semester
  • Florida College Tour Trip available to students during Spring Session
  • Individual student and family appointments available by request during second semester
  • SAT and ACT standardized tests held second semester
  • AP Exams in May
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Senior Year
  • College Admissions Representatives visit CMCP campus
  • College Evening with senior students and families in early September
  • College recommendation letters written for students during first semester by CMCP faculty and staff
  • November 1, college application deadline
  • May 1, National Candidate Reply Date
  • AP Exams in May



Helpful College Books:

College Representatives:

CMCP welcomes college and university representatives to visit our campus and hold informational sessions about their programs. Click here to schedule a visit.

Admissions Deadlines: 

The November 1 deadline will generally cover all deadlines, set students up for priority-admission, and give them the highest scholarship consideration.
Below, College Placement will outline and explain the various admissions deadlines and point out why November 1 is a helpful deadline to follow. 
  • Early Action (EA) is an admissions deadline that will give students the opportunity to hear an admissions decision ahead of the regular decision candidate pool. Some universities may put a restriction on how many schools a student can apply to under Early Action, also known as Restrictive EA. However, applying EA is a non-binding route to apply early and find out the admissions decision sooner than the regular decision pool. 
  • Early Decision (ED) is a bigger commitment than EA. Early Decision is not offered at every university. Generally, this is a practice offered at top-tier, highly-selective universities.  A student who decides to apply ED to a university makes the commitment to attend the university if admitted. Students, guardians, and the counselor need to sign an Early Decision agreement prior to submitting their application, as this ensures they are aware of the commitment they are making. It is very important to be aware that the commitment you are making when applying ED is a commitment despite financial constraints and awards. If the school does not offer an ideal financial award package, you might be in for a long legal battle to get out of the commitment. The decision to apply ED should only be made after long and thoughtful consideration. 
  • Rolling Admissions indicates that an application will be reviewed and decisions are made as applications are received instead of an admissions department reviewing all applications after one specific deadline. While rolling admissions can seem more relaxed because of a lack of a hard deadline, it’s often more beneficial to apply early before the bulk of applications start rolling in. Think of rolling admissions like this: 
You are emailed that there are donuts in the cafeteria. Yes! Donuts! You hope your favorite strawberry frosted with sprinkles is there. You have a better chance of getting the donut you want if you head to the cafeteria right away. If you wait a few hours, only the boring non-frosted, no-sprinkle donuts will remain. Better to get your applications in early when faced with a rolling admissions deadline. 
Take the University of Miami as an example. UM is a great place to start with this application deadline, and they have many admissions options. CMCP students would elect to apply Early Action (EA) for the November 1 deadline. While students can still apply in January, it’s very important to note that these applications will not be considered for Premier Scholarships. All of the scholarship deadlines are November 1. 

Also, don’t forget that our school office is closed on January 1 and documents will not be sent from the CMCP College Placement Office during the winter break.