Tuition and Financial Aid

Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory strives to exercise radical hospitality, is intentionally inclusive and works to bring the Gospel to the world. Founded in the Marianist tradition, we place high value on community, service, social justice and 21st century educational practice.

2019-2020 Tuition and Fees*

  • Catholic Tuition Rate: $12,700
  • Catholic Legacy Tuition Rate: $12,200
  • Non-Catholic Tuition Rate: $14,400
  • Non-Catholic Legacy Tuition Rate: $13,900

Registration Fee (Non-Refundable): Returning Students - $450 by March 1; $550 after March 3.

* These rates include seven (7) credits of coursework, building fee, digital content fee & technology fee.

Graduate Fee (Seniors Only): $250
Learning Center Fee (Only those enrolled in the LC Program): $3,250 per year
Fundraising Fee (All Students): $125
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Tuition Reduction

Chaminade-Madonna offers the following tuition reductions for the 2019-2020 school year:


Catholic Rate of $12,700 for each student with baptismal certificate, which must be received by July 31st, 2019.

Legacy Families/Marianist Alumni receive a reduction of $500 if one or both parents, siblings or grandparents are graduates of Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory, Chaminade High School, Madonna Academy or any Marianist High School or university. Documentation (from other Marianist schools) is required.

Top Ten Scholarship Program rewards the top ten students in each grade level based on academic achievement in each academic year. Awards vary by grade.

Step Up for Students Program provides financial assistance to students in public or private schools. Current program recipients must reapply by March 31st, 2019. New families will be able to apply in Spring 2019. Please click here for further information. 

"Your Tuition Solution" Loan Program offers access to fixed rate loans for the 2019-2020 school year. Loans are available from $2,000 to $40,000 to cover all educational expenses that are paid directly to CMCP. These fixed rate plans are for terms ranging from 24 to 84 months, with low APRs (rate based upon length of the term and applicant's credit rating). There are no supplemental or application fees and no prepayment penalties. Monthly payments are fixed for the life of the loan. To learn more, calculate payments or apply online, visit

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Financial Assistance

We want education at Chaminade-Madonna to be financially accessible for our students. Financial constraints should not be the reason for any family not to enroll their child at Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory. All children are eligible to attend our school regardless of socioeconomic status or the family's ability to pay, within the limits of Chaminade-Madonna resources.

Please note important timetables and deadlines indicated below for applying for financial assistance.

Applications will be accepted starting January 1, 2019. FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment will conduct the financial need analysis for Chaminade-Madonna for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year. Families applying for financial aid will need to complete an application and submit the necessary supporting documentation to FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment by March 31, 2019.

Applicants can apply online at FACTS Management. The following information is required in order for FACTS to process your application:

1. Completed online application. An application fee of $30 will be charged by FACTS.

2. Copies of your 2018 tax forms including all supporting tax schedules.

3. Copies of your 2018 W-2 form for both you and your spouse.

4. Copies of supporting documentation for Social Security Income, Welfare, Child Support, Food Stamps, Workers’ Compensation, and TANF.

All information is kept strictly confidential. If you have questions or concerns about the application process, you may speak with a FACTS Customer Care Representative at 1-866-412-4637. The CMCP Finance Office will receive the parent qualification information from FACTS. The Finance Committee will then use this information to determine the amount of tuition assistance to be awarded. Parents will be notified of the decisions shortly thereafter. Applications received after the filing deadline of March 31, 2019, which have been verified, will be reviewed after the initial awards have been distributed and will receive reduced financial aid awards. If you have any questions, please contact the CMCP Finance Office at 954-989-5150 x 113. 

REMINDER: A student must be officially registered and the application must be verified by March 31, 2019 in order to be considered for financial assistance. All students are required to meet the service hours, G.P.A. and demerit requirements of Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory.

Consistent with established policy, financial assistance is based entirely on need.

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Financial Aid Application

Financial Aid Applications for the 2019-2020 school year are due by March 31, 2019. Applications may be submitted directly through FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment. Please click HERE for further instructions. The financial aid application is $30.00 per application.

To qualify for financial assistance, students must:

  • Be registered for the 2019-2020 school year and paid the registration fee
  • Complete service hours, per grade requirements
  • Maintain a GPA of 2.3 or above
  • Submit and complete financial aid application online at
  • Submit all documents required by FACTS Grant and Aid which include, but may not be limited to, 2018 W2 for both parents and 2018 tax return

Application must be completed, submitted, and verified by March 31, 2019.

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Payment Plans

Payment Plans - Families are required to enroll with FACTS Tuition Management Company for tuition payments.

The following payment plans are available:

Payment Plan Options Amount Due Due Date
Annual Payment Full May 5, 2019
Semester Payments Half of Full May 5, 2019
  Half of Full December 5, 2019
Ten Monthly Payments First payment (of 10) May 5, 2019 or May 20, 2019
  Final payment (of 10) February 5, 2020 or February 20, 2020
Twenty Bi-monthly Payments First payment (of 20) May 5, 2019
Twelve Monthly Payments First payment (of 12) May 5, 2019


An enrollment fee of $38.00 will be added to all monthly and bi-monthly payment plans.

Refunds: all tuition and fees are non-refundable.



Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation, in any of its activities or operations.