In our classrooms and across our campus:

A liberal arts approach to learning is the foundation of our curriculum. Our daily schedule of 75 minute classes that rotate over 2 days provides opportunities for in-depth exploration of literature, mathematics, science experimentation, or participation in the arts. The student load of coursework includes a total of seven credits for one academic year. See our 2020-2021 Curriculum Guide for a listing of all courses available at Chaminade-Madonna.

Our teachers approach planning in a holistic manner, using a backward-design model. This method targets critical thinking and problem-solving in all academic disciplines. Students are given a variety of opportunities to demonstrate mastery of learning which go well-beyond traditional written tests and quizzes.

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General Scheduling Information

When building the master schedule, every effort is made to arrange class sections in such a way that students will be able to get the courses they requested during registration.

Please keep in mind the following guidelines when you are selecting courses for next year:

1. Selection of your courses is serious; students should consult with parents, teachers, and their guidance counselor. Courses should be chosen with college and career goals in mind.

2. When a student does not receive their first choice course request, it is due to one or more of the following reasons:

a. students do not satisfy course prerequisites

b. the course section(s) is filled to capacity

c. two courses are scheduled at the same time

d. there are too few requests for the class

3. Alternative choices should be given the same consideration as a primary choice.

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Graduation Requirements

In accordance to policies established by the Florida Department of Education and SACS, Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory has established the following graduation requirements:

4.0 Theology
4.0 English
4.0 Mathematics
4.0 Social Studies
3.0 Science
2.0 Foreign Language (Consecutive years)
1.0 HOPE or Personal Fitness and Life Management
1.0 Fine Arts/Practical Arts
5.0 Electives

Additional Requirements:

  • Un-weighted 2.0 cumulative GPA
  • Completion of 100 service hours (25 hours completed each year enrolled at CMCP) Class of 2020 onward
  • Completion of Encounter Retreat Program
  • Completion of 7 credits per year
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Grading Scale

A    100-90

B    89-80

C    79-70

D    69-60

F    59-0