Welcome to Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory!

Dr. Judith Mucheck
Since 1960 we have been educating young people under the tutelage of the Society of Mary. How do we take the message of our founders and transform it into languages and experiences that will be relatable, transferrable and transformative for our young people?

We do it by focusing on four important tenets – first, we are Marianist. Our mission is derived from our religious community and our obligation is to work toward a better world.
Second, we practice radical hospitality. Our standard for respect between the adults and young people, and young people together, is reflected in a shared life. We take time to listen.
Third, we are intentionally diverse. We look like South Florida - you name it, we have it and it is a wonderful thing that makes us very rich.
Finally, we are in relentless pursuit of 21st century education. We have no interest in replicating a body of knowledge that speaks of a previous time. History has its place but in reality we are educating first graders for occupations which don’t yet exist. Our explicit curriculum focuses on problem-solving, critical thinking, and yes, solving the quadratic equation and being able to write a well-formed research paper still count. The Chaminade-Madonna community is in relentless pursuit of 21st century education in all its forms. But we aren’t only about training the mind – we believe in the value of teamwork and shared success. Over 80% of our students are involved in an extra-curricular program of some kind.
I invite you to schedule a visit and tour our campus. It is here that we work "Toward a Better World.”
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Dr. Judith Mucheck
Head of School
Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory, Inc. is owned and operated by the Marianist Province of the United States.
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Board of Trustees Members
Mr. Walter Reynoso, Esq. '78, Chair
Mr. Eric Squilla '88, Vice Chair
Mr. John Higgins, Secretary
Mr. Robert Minnaugh, Member-at-Large
Br. Jack Ventura, S.M., Liasion
Mrs. Meg Callahan
Mr. Kevin DeYoung '76
Mrs. Jessica Fonseca-Nader
Mr. David Haimes '83
Dr. Bert Henkel
Mrs. Mary Anne Karcher '76
Br. Ron Luksic, SM
Dr. Carmen Marinelli '73
Mrs. Paulette Vitale '71
Sr. Grace Walle, FMI
Mr. Ken Whittaker

Board Committees:

If you have experience in a particular area and would like to consider joining and serving on a board committee, please contact Dr. Judith Mucheck, Head of School.

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Judith Mucheck, Ph.D.
Head of School
Raiza Echemendia
Assistant Head of School
Br. Jack Ventura, S.M.
Director of Mission Integration
Michael Eaton
Dean of Students
Carlton Preston
Chief Financial Officer
Luigina Billisi '93
Admissions Director
Linda Matos Di Lascio '03
Director of Student Life
Lucy Oganezov, Ph.D.
Director of Advancement
Antonio Mari
Director of Campus Ministry
Matthew Bishop
Athletic Director
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Department Chairs
Christine Wehnes
Joseph Catalano
Fine and Performing Arts 
Edgardo Campos
Foreign Language 
Jason Johnson
Brigid Duncan
Social Studies 
Kevin Helmle, Ph.D.
Rosemary Sierra-Cohen
Kristi Tucker
Director of Guidance & Learning Center 
Kati Harvey
Director of College Placement Center 
Joseph Di Lascio '98
Director of Technology