July 20, 2020
Dear Chaminade-Madonna Families:
I hope that this finds each of you healthy and making the best of the summer months. We remain extraordinarily busy here on campus as we monitor the COVID situation and make plans for school, which is approximately one month from now.  We are in a position to offer you the details of our plan.  Please read this communication carefully and be sure to meet all of the deadlines that are published so that we can include your student in our academic configuration.
Campus Logistics:
  1. Every surface on campus has been thoroughly disinfected.
  2. Continual disinfection will occur on campus all day, every day.
  3. Classrooms are being prepared (furniture, etc.) to accommodate students at socially-distanced intervals as recommended by the CDC.
  4. SAGE, our food service provider, has kept us fully informed about their safety procedures to make sure that the lunches provided have been prepared in keeping with the Department of Health’s guidelines.  Full food service will be available starting the first day of orientation.  Student lunch accounts will be debited through FACTS for $100.00 for the first semester and will be handled on a declining balance basis.  It is STRONGLY suggested that students utilize their lunch account or credit cards – transactions using cash are discouraged.  SAGE will send a separate mailing in the coming weeks for additional information.
Students Arriving for Classes:
  1. No student will be permitted beyond the exterior gates without the following in place:
    1. The parent signed waiver form must be on file BEFORE the first day of scheduled classes.  These forms can be mailed back, dropped off, or emailed PRIOR to the first day of classes.
    2. Students will be greeted at the gate by an administrator who will:
      1. Check their temperature with a contactless thermometer.
      2. Check to make sure that they have a face mask to wear (a CMCP mask will be provided to every student at no charge, also available in the Campus Store for purchase).
      3. Check to make sure that they are wearing their school-issued identification lanyard (all day).  This is important since we will be unable to see their faces fully.
      4. Check to make sure that they are in completely correct uniform. This incudes, shirts, pants/shorts, socks, shoes, hair length, and other items listed in the Parent-Student Handbook (see the website).
  2. ANY student not in full compliance with these simple regulations, all day, will be immediately sent home.
  3. Students will not have access to the interior of the campus until they are in full compliance.
Academic Time:
Everyone who experienced virtual education in the fourth quarter of last year is keenly aware of the limitations of this modality.  Both students and teachers worked hard to make the interactions meaningful, but we know that nothing can replace the relationship between students and their teachers.  The American Academy of Pediatrics has offered an opinion that staying virtual all year is detrimental to the growth of students on a number of fronts, going so far as to recommend at least limited campus instruction.  This is especially poignant considering the pervasiveness of the virus in the State of Florida at the time of this writing.  There will be those who believe that we should, indeed, remain in a virtual environment all year, others who believe that we should be back on campus at 100%, and others somewhere in-between.  These competing interests make decision-making difficult.  Taking all of the various factors into account, Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory will conduct on-campus classes at 50% capacity on a two (2) day rotating basis for all students beginning on Monday, August 24.
Students will attend classes on campus EITHER Monday and Tuesday OR Thursday and Friday every week.  All Learning Center students will have on campus classes on Wednesday of every week in addition to their Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday rotation.
When students are not physically on campus, they will attend synchronous instruction on-line.  This means that they will be “in class” over zoom at the exact time and in the classroom where the class is being held, for the entire duration of the class.
All students are responsible for on-time and full attendance.  Please be reminded that if a student misses 18 class sessions in one semester, academic course credit may be withheld.  In addition, all students are responsible for the completion of academic work that is assigned according to the due date given by the teacher.
The schedule of classes that your student will receive in the coming weeks will indicate if they will attend either Monday/Tuesday OR Thursday/Friday.
Taking on-campus and synchronous classes into consideration, each student will receive a full four days of instruction.
**It should be noted that if the State of Florida issues a stay-at-home order, instruction will revert to 100% virtual for the duration of the order.  The campus will close completely to everyone.
**Depending on other guidance in the coming months, we may adjust back to 100% on campus if conditions allow.
Tuition and Fees:
Since April and on-going (see school website) the Finance Office has made every attempt to notify families of up-to-date information regarding payment plans, COVID scholarships, and other important items.  Published tuition rates will not be reduced or altered during the 2020-2021 school year.
Your child’s education includes:
  • State recognized and academic credits necessary for college/university matriculation
  • A new school-issued iPad
  • 24/7 access to CANVAS software for classwork and assignment transmission
  • 24/7 access to the SARA app which is a self-paced program to drill math and English for the purpose of SAT and ACT preparation
  • 24/7 access to the NAVIANCE software program which provides information regarding colleges and universities and scholarship opportunities. It also serves as a portal for the common application for those institutions that accept them for admission purposes.
  • 24/7 access to the Gale Database Suite which can be used for each subject area
  • Access to campus ministry and school chaplain for individual counseling
Included with this letter is a sign-up for your choice of instruction for your student (a family with more than one child may use the same for all children).  Once the master schedule is completed, a class schedule will be emailed to you indicating courses AND the assignment of on-campus instruction days.  This form is DUE to the Main Office no later than Friday, July 31, 2020.
Athletics and Extra-Curricular Activities:
  1. We continue to monitor the communication from the Florida High School Athletic Association and The Broward County Commission on Athletics for guidance regarding practices, workouts, and sports schedules.  To date, we do not have any specific information to share.
  2. Mr. Matthew Bishop, our Athletic Director, will communicate directly with head coaches regarding any specific updates.  Coaches will communicate with athletes.
  3. Since each Wednesday will be a “flex day” we will plan club meetings and other activities on those days; therefore, we will be at far less than 50% capacity even if several clubs meet on the same day, at the same time.  Mrs. Linda Matos Di Lascio will communicate schedules with club moderators who will communicate schedules to the students via CANVAS.  Lunch will NOT be available to students on Wednesdays.
Student Orientation Days:
Student Orientation days will be held the week of August 17th.  In order that you might plan ahead, please note that we will welcome only one grade level at a time over the course of the week.  Students may bring their own lunch or lunch will be available for purchase on each day.
Monday, August 17
Freshmen and Transfer Students
Tuesday, August 18
Wednesday, August 19
Thursday, August 20
Friday, August 21
Freshmen (Second Day orientation)
These are challenging times and no one has been unaffected by the presence of the virus across humanity.  The community at CMCP prays for health and safety for you and your families every day.

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Judith Mucheck, PH.D.
Head of School