January 25, 2021

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Mia R. '22 and Alysiana G. '21 pose before practice. Check out the Lady Lions softball team in action on February 18th at 4:00 p.m. See you on the field! 
Embracing Adaption & Change: Model UN Conference Goes Virtual 
The Model UN program allows students to learn about international relations and to gain a better sense of what a varied and fascinating world we live in. This year, the main event, the Harvard Model United Nations conference, is going virtual. What does this mean for the CMCP team? They won’t be traveling to Boston, but the students will still get the full experience of the conference and discussions, thanks to technology.
The 4-day event allows student “diplomats” to discuss an array of topics, including politics and current events. The conference will take place over Zoom, and the 15 person CMCP team, including Alma C. ‘23, will log on from campus. "I am very optimistic about this year's virtual conference, seeing as Model UN played a big part in my freshman year experience. Everything will look and seem different, but I am willing to adapt and change, looking forward to gaining new experiences, meeting new people, in a rather nontraditional way, and observing the events unfold from a new perspective,” Alma said. Many students like Alma are embracing the Marinist pillars of adaptation and change in their education and experiences. 
While this year’s event is unique, it has also presented new opportunities. The virtual aspects of the conference have allowed Model UN moderator, Mr. Bastidas to focus more on helping the students prepare. Instead of juggling travel plans and itineraries, he has been able to provide additional tips and tricks for research and preparations. He says that as a unit, the team is prepared for the conference and ready to face any challenges that arise.
 “I’m very glad we are doing the virtual conference because we have quite a few new students, and this will allow them to get their feet wet and be ready to go to Boston next year,” Mr. Bastidas said. One of his favorite moments of the traditional Boston trip is seeing the excitement of the students when visiting the Harvard University college campus. He’s looking forward to the virtual conference and then preparing for a traditional trip next year. 

"Being able to partake last year was an amazing experience, to say the least. There's no doubt that things will play out differently this time around, but I'm excited and looking forward to participating in the first-ever online conference. Whether virtual or in person, it will always be a great pleasure to meet new people, create new memories and learn more about real topics at Model UN,” Ana P. ‘23 said. 

Best of luck, lions!

School News

Upcoming Events

Early Re-Registration for Current Students  
Monday, 2/1 - Monday, 3/1

CM Scholars Meeting 
Tuesday, 2/2  |  1:45 - 2:45 P.M. |  Zaragoza Center

National Signing Day 
Wednesday, 2/3  |  2:30 - 3:30 P.M.  |  Gym

HSPT Make-Up Exam
Friday, 2/5  |  9:30 A.M. - 12:30 P.M.  |  Zaragoza Center    

Late Start Schedule (Classes Start at 9:00 A.M. /
Dismissal at 2:35 P.M.)
Friday, 2/5  

Athletics News

JV- Boys Basketball vs. Dade Christian 
Monday, 2/1  |  5:30 P.M.  |  CMCP
V- Boys Basketball vs. Dade Christian
Monday, 2/1  |  7:00 P.M.  |  CMCP
JV- Boys Basketball vs. Archbishop McCarthy 
Wednesday, 2/3  |  5:30 P.M.  |  CMCP

V- Boys Basketball vs. Archbishop McCarthy 
Wednesday, 2/3  |  7:00 P.M.  |  CMCP

JV- Boys Basketball vs. Westminster Christian 
Saturday, 2/6  |  4:00 P.M.  |  CMCP

V- Boys Basketball vs. Westminster Christian 
Saturday, 2/6  |  6:00 P.M.  |  CMCP

Athletic News

Important Updates

The new CDC guidelines will recommend close contacts of those infected with the coronavirus should quarantine for 7 to 10 days after exposure, down from the 14 days currently recommended. Individuals can end their quarantine after 7 days if they receive a negative test, or 10 days without getting tested.  
Click here for CDC travel guidelines as we approach President's Day weekend and spring break season.
For additional information on the COVID-19 Vaccines, click here. For additional information on Florida COVID-19 Testing Sites, click here. 
If you are not coming to school, do not fill out the Daily Screening Form - even if attending classes online. The Daily Screening Form should be completed by students who will be physically present on campus for that day.


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