February 01, 2021

Photo of the Week

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We Lean In for our students this National School Counseling Week! CMCP is so grateful for our school counselors and the work they do to help our students achieve success. Thank you for supporting our #cmlions!

Time for Lunch!

What do you think when you think of school lunch? Maybe a hot lunch option, a Taco Tuesday wish, or a vegetarian alternative? Are you picturing, as Food Service Director Mr. Nicholas Tofini says, the “Rolls-Royce” of food service? You are if you’re thinking about SAGE! 

SAGE, an acronym for Setting A Good Example, has been the food service provider at CMCP since last year, and Mr. Tofini has been here since that time. “I’m here for the students and the CM community,” he says. “I don’t want to put anything on the menu that people don’t want to eat. I’m very much a people person. Whatever is wanted, I’ll put it out there, and it’ll be the best meatloaf or chicken parm or anything else,” he says, speaking proudly of his team and their culinary skills. “The food speaks for itself,” he continues. “It’s delicious and all locally-sourced. It’s the real-est, healthiest food you can be eating.”

These delicious, healthy menus are planned well in advance and each plan is sent to SAGE’s dieticians and nutritionists in the home office. “They nitpick everything!,” Mr. Tofini exclaims. “Oh, you didn’t have a green vegetable in this plan, so make that change, etc.,” he elaborates. Their menus receive a scratch factor, too. When you eat with SAGE, you’re eating the freshest local produce available. Now, we all love french fries and chicken nuggets, so our scratch factor isn’t at 100%, but it’s pretty close at .76%! 

“I’m still learning what the community likes,” Mr. Tofini shares. SAGE has been at CMCP since last year, so as he puts it, “it was hard to get an idea of what everyone wanted because from August to September, we were in a trial period...” where the SAGE team would write menus and see what went over well, “...and then it was January-February… and, COVID,” he sighs. But the SAGE team used that time to think of ways to better serve the CMCP community. “I had a lot of time on my hands that I used to write the upcoming menus, and we had Zoom meetings 2-4 times a week on reopening trainings. There’s a whole SAGE University that’s come out of this. I’m even doing a virtual tour this week!,” he enthuses. 

“We’re an open door,” Mr. Tofini continues. “Questions, comments, concerns, please reach out. Give me, not advice,” he laughs, “but feedback. We want you to come in to the cafeteria and say ‘Yes! Can’t wait!’ Remember, we’re here for you.”

Download the Touch of SAGE app today and discover what’s for lunch next week! Favorite what you love and leave feedback on how often you’d like to see what’s served on the menu. And don’t forget to follow them on Instagram @sage_at_chaminademadonna for photos and videos. Check out their feed linked in the newsletter! 

See you in the cafeteria!

Student Activities

Each student was part of a committee that dealt with one topic such as trade & development, national security, environmental issues, etc. Each student represented a country, this year was Netherlands & East Timor. The “directors” and others in the committee were students from other schools around the world representing different countries. The director refers to the most experienced student who presided over each committee group. 
During the month of February, CMCP as a school community will be highlighting and celebrating black Americans who have made contributions to our society. As we celebrate, we pray in thanksgiving for the many gifts and talents shared by black Americans. We pray that all of us may embody Catholic Social Teaching by treating everyone with dignity and promoting racial justice and equality for all people. Today we give particular thanks for the late Thea Bowman, who was the granddaughter of slaves, the only African American member of the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, and who made a lasting mark on U.S. Catholic life in the late 20th century with her brilliant mind, beautiful voice, and dynamic personality.

Upcoming Events

Early Re-Registration for Current Students
Monday, 2/1 - Monday, 3/1
Best Buddies Care Packages Meeting
Wednesday, 2/10  |  3:15 - 4:15 P.M. |  Zaragoza Center
No Classes
Thursday, 2/11
Parent/Teacher Conferences (All Grades)
Thursday, 2/11  |  1:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.
Presidents’ Day - No Classes
Monday, 2/15

Athletics News

V- Boys Basketball District Championship
CM Lions vs. Somerset-Miramar
Tuesday, 2/9  |  7:00 P.M.  |  CMCP

School News

Flowers will be delivered Wednesday, 2/10, during the middle block.

Important Updates

The new CDC guidelines will recommend close contacts of those infected with the coronavirus should quarantine for 7 to 10 days after exposure, down from the 14 days currently recommended. Individuals can end their quarantine after 7 days if they receive a negative test or 10 days without getting tested.  
Click here for CDC travel guidelines as we approach President's Day weekend and spring break season.
For additional information on the COVID-19 Vaccines, click here. For additional information on Florida COVID-19 Testing Sites, click here. 
Learn more about Social Assitance Resources in the city of Hollywood by clicking here. There are also free food distribution centers around South Florida. To find out more information about these sites or how to volunteer, click here. 
If you are not coming to school, do not fill out the Daily Screening Form - even if attending classes online. The Daily Screening Form should be completed by students who will be physically present on campus for that day.


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