At Chaminade-Madonna, we are utilizing the most current hardware and software available in order to give our students every competitive edge in learning. Our test scores, which have been steadily increasing over the past three years, are an affirmation that our inclusion of the SARA software and the test preparation period set aside each day for the students are having a positive outcome. Where else are we researching 21st century best practices? 

This year, we will include a VIRTUAL LEARNING LAB as part of our plans for the funds generated by this year's ANNUAL FUND.

The one-dimensional textbook has truly been replaced by the students' ability to study various subject area disciplines virtually. Go to the moon and collect a rock sample for analysis, go to the Louvre Museum in France and discover the collected works of famous artists, study the pyramids in Egypt by participating in an archeological dig, fly a plane in a simulator, visit World War II Europe during the conflict, have a conversation with Edgar Allen Poe - IN PERSON! 

Today's technology makes all of these experiences possible for students in multiple disciplines. Each of these topics of study come alive in a way that could not have been imagined even five years ago! 

Your participation in this year's annual fund will help us to achieve the goal of transforming part of Belanger Hall (library) into a virtual learning classroom. Complete with the hardware and software necessary, classroom teachers will have the ability to include a virtual learning component into their instruction thereby providing an augmented experience for EACH AND EVERY STUDENT.

Make your contribution today!