Welcome the new Director of Mission Integration,

Brother Jack Ventura, S.M.

Welcome the new Director of Mission Integration, Brother Jack Ventura, S.M.

Brother Jack’s passport is full of stamps. Outside of the country and in the U.S, you name the place and Brother Jack has more than likely been there. Whether it’s through studying at the University of San Francisco, serving on the Provincial Council in St. Louis, or reporting to the General Administration of the Society of Mary in Rome from Philadelphia, Brother Jack is well-traveled. And this list doesn’t even mention the missions in Peru, India, the Philippines, and Australia he visited! More than this, he’s uniquely suited to the new position at CMCP.  

At 26, Brother Jack entered the Marianist congregation of brothers. “Years ago, that would have been very odd,” he says. “Usually, you entered at 18.” But Brother Jack was busy at 18. After graduating with his MBA, Brother Jack worked at IBM for 2 years. From there, he worked for US Tobacco. Before joining the Marianist brothers, he held a Director of Forecasting and Sales title. “I was climbing the corporate ladder pretty quickly,” he admits, but his draw to the Marianist community led him on a different path. 

When asked what drew him to the Marianists, he speaks passionately about Mary as a model: “She’s not a servant to anyone. A servant of the Lord, yes, but she’s not a passive woman. She’s pretty powerful in taking control of her own life and what she does in the future. She is the co-creator of God’s redemptive plan, and I found that intriguing.” Brother Jack has held a variety of ministries, but this new position is one of the first external ministries he’s held in a long time. 

The Director of Mission Integration is a new position at CMCP, and Brother Jack is eager to get started. In this role, Brother Jack will work to foster awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the Marianist charism. He’s focused on outreach, insight, and formation programs for faculty/staff, alumni, and parents. “I’m interested in making sure that the faculty/staff, parents, all constituents and stakeholders understand what makes this school different,” he says when summarizing the new role. “I have grandiose plans,” he shares, “about gathering new faculty for a faith sharing group, engaging past board members, current and new faculty/staff, and alumni in new programs. We’re going to get a plan of action.” 

Of course, COVID-19 has left plans for many up in the air, Brother Jack included. The first thing to do, he says, is “to get these kids safely back on campus and see what’s happening.” 

And then? “To be a cheerleader. Not in a saccharine way, but in a way that says we’re all in this together. The ship is not sinking,” he adds. “It is steering in a different direction. God has given us the gifts to get out of this, and we will. We will come out of this different and better people.”