TV Production Class: an inside look at the Morning Announcements Set

“Good morning, Chaminade-Madonna!” you hear as the daily announcements start. Picture this: you’re in a room full of computers. Mostly one giant computer, but computers, plural, nonetheless. Among these computers are lights that require precise placement, cameras capturing different angles, and microphones with dust jackets waiting to be removed, waiting to be spoken into again. 

While these relatively stationary objects remain still, the rest of the room is full of motion. Laughter booms loudly, cues flow softly, and the tapping away on computer keys click by into background noise. Looking back at this big, shiny computer, you may think that this is where the magic happens, and you wouldn't be completely incorrect. The computer displays students sitting behind an official-looking news anchor desk instead of behind a table and changes the classroom setting into something out of the nightly news. 

Let’s be clear, this computer is a beautiful piece of machinery, but the students run the show. With Mr. Catalano’s guidance, the students brainstorm daily ideas, write the script, vocalize the cues, time the intro and outro music, direct the lighting just so, and more. 

The students in TV Production really do experience a behind-the-scenes look at media production and have the opportunity to sit both in front of and behind the camera. With about 13 students in the class, there will be more than enough opportunity to experience all sides of the production.

We’re not sure just yet how announcements will run in the 2020-21 school year, but we do know that students will experience the same passion, interest, and tech-savviness they saw pre-COVID-19.  

After all the hustle and bustle and calls for “action” and “quiet on the set,“ you hear “and that’s the news for today,” as the visual effects roll in. The show goes on, and the planning for the next broadcast begins.