Basketball Team Makes School History


The Class 3A-4 showdown between CMCP and the Riviera Prep Bulldogs was a match-up of the two top seeds in the region but it wasn’t enough to slow CMCP on their road to Lakeland for the Florida High School Boys Basketball State Championships with a 65-57 victory over the Bulldogs.

Andrew Weir, who recently announced his commitment to Richmond, got into a bit of foul trouble during the game, and scored 14 points and 12 rebounds. As a result, other lead scorers stepped up during pivotal segments of the game and included Thad Franklin with 22 points, Johnny O’Neil with 17 points and Osmar Garcia with an additional 21 points. 

This victory led CMCP to play in the Class 3A Semifinals against St. Andrew’s from Boca Raton on Wednesday, March 4th. The result of that game ended the Lions spectacular season with a final score of 68-58.

Head Basketball Coach Andre Torres had this to say about the team’s successful season: “We feel really accomplished. This was the first time in 53 years that the team has gone to the state tournament. It’s big for the school and our community. These guys have played in a district that’s tough. Every single year our district is loaded with teams and many of those teams could have made it and for our seniors to go out like this, after playing on our team for three to four years, believing in the system, it’s huge for us.”