House System

The House System was instituted at Chaminade-Madonna out of our community's desire to grow in faith and family spirit. The challenge is to build family spirit that transcends class division so that we can develop our minds, hearts, bodies, and souls together as a Marianist community. The House System compliments the formal system of classroom education by organizing students into small groups to develop leadership skills and foster the Marianist commitment to community.

Each House is named to honor an individual who significantly influenced the C-M community we enjoy today.

Each House has students from each grade level organized into small mentor groups. A House Dean and Faculty Mentors provide structured opportunities for students to practice leadership and fellowship. Along with academics, athletics, student service and Campus Ministry, the House System embodies Chaminade-Madonna's commitment to the heart and soul, as well as the mind and body working Toward a Better World. The coveted House of the Year Cup is awarded to the House that best exemplifies their commitment to the C-M Mission.

The House System collaborates with C-M student and parent organizations throughout the school year to coordinate many student activities and service projects, including:

  • Thanksgiving "Adopt a Family Food Drive"
  • Christmas Tree Lighting Prayer Service
  • Auction baskets for the C-M Gala Auction
  • Junior Leadership Training
  • C-M field days

For more information, click on each House:

Campbell House

Namesake: Br. John Campbell, S.M.

Br. John began his career at Chaminade High School in 1962. After leaving Chaminade High school in 1964, he returned in 1968, and taught Biology, Math, and Religion until 2002. Br. John was also a cross county coach, and was voted "Coach of the Year" 20 times. In 1982, he was named the first President of Chaminade High School. He remained President until 1988, when Chaminade merged with Madonna Academy. Br. John left Chaminade-Madonna in 2002, and is currently teaching in Hawaii.

Motto: Constans Mutatione (Constant in Change)

: Navy & Red


  • Wings: Swiftness, protection, and Bro. John’s dedication to cross country and track and field
  • Crown: Leadership
  • Falcon: Determination, perserverance, and tenacity
  • Helmet: Strength and wisdom
  • Anchor: Religious steadfastness and Bro. John’s many years of service to Marianist life
  • Marianist Cross

House Dean: Mrs. Brunilda Egan

Danielle House

Namesake: Sister Marie Danielle Amspacher, SSND

Sr. Danielle is a School Sister of Notre Dame. She began her career at Madonna Academy in 1978 as Vice Principal. In 1980, she was named Principal. She held this postition until 1984. At Madonna her greatest accomplishment was the improvement of student-faculty relationships and the reinforcement of a positive Christian atmosphere. Sr. Danielle is currently the Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Education at the College of Notre Dame of Maryland.

: Quaerite Primun Regnum (Seek First the Kingdom)

: Navy & Carolina Blue (Our Lady)


  • Castle: Home, safety, and united in the Kingdom of God
  • Paschal Lamb: Christ and sacrifice
  • Anchor: Hope and religious steadfastness
  • Nautical Stars: Seek divine guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit
  • Berries, Roses, and Vines: Peace, love, and the bonds of friendship
  • Marianist Cross

House Dean: Mrs. Rosemary Sierra-Cohen

Doyle House

Namesake: Fr. Dan Doyle, S.M.

Fr. Dan Doyle began his career at Chaminade High School in 1967. He served as President of the school during the merger with Madonna Academy in 1988. He remained President of Chaminade-Madonna until 1992. Fr. Dan passed away on October 29, 2014.

Motto: Uniti Aeternum (Forever as One)

: Navy & Green (Hope, Joy, Loyalty in Love)


  • Celtic Cross: Unity of Heaven and Earth, and fortitude of our Christian tradition
  • Red Rose: Grace and beauty
  • Star: Celestial goodness to guide us
  • Dove: Bringer of good tidings and presence of the Holy Spirit
  • Marianist Cross

House Dean: Mrs. Elizabeth Waldrep

Grace House

Namesake: Sister Grace Messarge, SSND

Sr. Grace was a School Sister of Notre Dame. She began teaching at Madonna Academy during the mid-1980s and was an integral part of the merger with Chaminade High School in 1988. At Chaminade-Madonna, Sr. Grace was in charge of the new teacher program, and was Dean of Students from 1989 through the mid 1990s. She was a favorite among students for her firm, but caring hand.

Motto: Congregati Gratia Dei (Unity Under God’s Grace)

Colors: Navy & Orange (Worthy Ambition)

  • Orange Chevron: Protection and service to community
  • Sun: God’s glory and splendor
  • Scales of Justice: Sr. Grace’s presence as Dean of Students and commitment to social justice
  • Bear: Leadership and protect our own
  • Dove: Peace and love
  • Rose: Graceful message
  • Marianist Cross

House Dean: Ms. Jeanette Victoria

Roggemann House

Namesake: Br. Charles Roggemann, S.M.

Br. Charles, better known as Br. Chuck, began his career at Chaminade High School teaching English in 1972. He remained a faculty member through the merger with Madonna Academy in 1988. He retired from Chaminade-Madonna in 1995, but continued to be an active presence on campus. Many of his former students remember his traditions of collecting cans, word of the day, and bubble wrap. Br. Chuck passed away in November 10, 2011.

Motto: Per Sapientia Scienciam (Through Knowledge Comes Wisdom)

Colors: Navy & Gold (Generosity & Elevation of Mind)


  • Cross: Christ our teacher
  • Vines: Strong and lasting friendships
  • Flowers: Hope and joy
  • Fleur-de-lis: French roots of the Society of Mary, and thirst for purity and light
  • Open Book: Knowledge through learning, and Bro. Chuck’s dedication to teaching
  • Marianist Cross

House Dean: Ms. Maria Guerrero

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