Quick Facts

Quick Facts

Catholic, Marianist, co-ed, high school founded in 1960

AdvancEd (SACS/CASI)

575 students, grades 9-12

60% boys, 40% girls

45% white non-Hispanic, 30% Hispanic, 11% African-American, 6% multi-racial, 5% other

44 members, 64% with Master's Degree or higher

Student/Faculty Ratio

16 Advanced Placement courses and 14 Dual Enrollment courses (offered through St. Thomas University)

Graduation Rate
100% graduation rate, 100% acceptance to college

Financial Assistance
24% of student body

School Colors
Scarlet, Blue and White

  • Scarlet represents the blood of the martyrs and their courage in spreading the word of God throughout the world.
  • Blue is the color of Our Lady.
  • White stands for goodness, the totality of a world at peace that includes all colors, creeds, and races.

The three colors together represent the colors of the former schools.

School Mascot
The Lion
Our teams carry two names, the Lions and the Lady Lions.

School Motto
Ad Mundum Meliorem - Toward a Better World

School Seal
The outermost circle contains the name of our school, Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory, its geographic location of Hollywood, Florida. This is the result of the consolidation of the two schools founded individually in 1960. Blessed Father Chaminade, a French priest, founded the Marianists, and Madonna refers to Our Lady. In the center of the seal is a globe signifying the world in which we live. Within the globe is the letter “M” standing for Mary, the Madonna, who is the protectress of the Society of Mary. Radiating out from the globe are semicircular arrows reflecting our desire to share throughout the entire world the knowledge and love that Mary has for her son, Jesus. The school’s motto, Ad Mundum Meliorem, Latin for Toward a Better World, is engraved below the globe.

School Alma Mater
As Lions we roar so proud and strong.
And raise our voices in this our song.
Daughters of Madonna in white and blue,
Sing praise to Mary beautiful, good, and true.
The Sons of Chaminade in scarlet and blue,
Give laud to Your name, so holy are You.
Now scarlet, blue, and white are we,
Chaminade-Madonna we’ll always be.
Toward a Better World will ever be our goal,
In love, in truth, in heart, in soul.
Alma Mater hear our cry: Hail! Chaminade-Madonna on high!

1960 - 1969

In response to a growing population and the need for quality schools, the Archdiocese of Miami invited the Marianists and the School Sisters of Notre Dame to establish a school for boys, Chaminade High School, and a school for girls, Madonna Academy. Under the direction of Br. Joseph Spehar, S.M., and Sr. Eugene Marie, S.S.N.D., Chaminade High School and Madonna Academy opened their doors to the South Broward and North Miami-Dade communities in 1960.

Sr. Eugene Marie, S.S.N.D., nutured Madonna Academy in its beginning years. The school's motto, "Verum, Pulchrum, Bonum" urged students to strive for truth, beauty, and goodness in their lives. In 1963, Sister Eugene Marie oversaw the first commencement exercises at Madonna Academy, which graduated 9 young women.

That same year, Br. Donald Gaskill, S.M. was appointed principal of Chaminade High School to continue to establish the Marianist traditions of education, as well as reach out to the local communities. The following year, Chaminade graduated 32 young men in its first graduating class of 1964.

Madonna Academy continued to grow, and the expansion of a second wing of classrooms and the field house, or gymnasium, began in 1964. These campus buildings, along with the school's library, were completed in 1968.

Br. Michael Galvin, S.M., appointed Principal of Chaminade High School in 1969, and Sr. Doris Ann Gentry, S.S.N.D., appointed Principal of Madonna Academy that same year, were primarily responsible for obtaining accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

1970 - 1979

Chaminade was accredited for the first time in 1973.

With the continued success of the two schools, further expansions began on each campus. In 1971, Sr. Doris Ann coordinated an expansion program at Madonna, which included audio/visual equipment additions to the school's library, curriculum adjustments, and air-conditioning. Fr. Richard Knuge, S.M., appointed Principal of Chaminade in 1973, began construction of the chapel and library.

Chaminade’s fifth principal, Br. Donald Winfree, S.M., supervised the construction of the Strickroth Building, named in honor of Br. John Strickroth, S.M.

1980 - 1989

Ushering in a new decade, Sr. Marie Danielle Amspacher, S.S.N.D., became Madonna's third Principal in 1980.

Fr. Chris Conlon, S.M., was appointed Principal of Chaminade in 1982. In this same year, Bro. John Campbell, S.M. was appointed the school’s first President. As President, Br. John's primary responsibility was the financial and spiritual well-being of the school.

Following in Sr. Marie Danielle's footsteps, Sr. Patricia Murphy, S.S.N.D. was appointed Principal of Madonna.

In 1986, Chaminade High School and Madonna Academy celebrated their 25th anniversaries.

Later that year, Bro. Raymond Purcell, S.M., succeeded Fr. Chris as Principal of Chaminade.

Facing declining enrollment and financial difficulties in 1988, the Archdiocese of Miami, the Superior General of the Marianists and the School Sisters of Notre Dame agreed to merge Chaminade High School and Madonna Academy.

In August of 1988, Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory was established as a co-ed high school. Long-time Chaminade High School teacher, counselor, and administrator, Robert Minnaugh was appointed principal, and was charged with forming the new vision, combining the traditions of Chaminade High School and Madonna Academy. Fr. Dan Doyle, S.M., was named the first President of the new school. Fr. Dan was instrumental in the success of the merger.

1990 - 1999

Fr. Richard Knuge, S.M. succeeded Fr. Dan Doyle as president in 1992. In that year, Chaminade-Madonna was honored by the Department of Education with the Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Award.

In 1994, Br. John Campbell, S.M., was appointed President. During Br. John Campbell’s tenure as President, he worked diligently with Mr. Minnaugh to complete construction of the Einstein Building and the renovation of Marianist Hall.

Mrs. Ann McGrath was appointed interim Principal in 1998.

Mr. Patrick Snay was appointed Principal in 1999. Mr. Snay and Br. John Campbell led the school to a growth in enrollment, as well as academic and athletic success. They were instrumental in establishing the Learning Center for students with mild learning disabilities, as well as laying the groundwork for the construction for the multimillion dollar renovation of the athletic facilities.

2000 - 2009

Fr. John Thompson, S.M. was appointed President in 2002. Fr. John's initial responsibility was to bring to fruition the construction of the athletic fields, which were completed in 2004. Under his leadership, the school completed several other renovations, including a modernized main office building in 2006, and state-of-the-art science labs and an air-conditioned gymnasium in 2007.

Ms. Gloria Ramos was appointed principal in 2003. Through her leadership, the C-M campus became more palpably Catholic and Marianist in its identity.

The House System was implemented in 2007. The House System complements the formal system of classroom education by organizing students into small groups to develop leadership skills and foster the Marianist commitment to community.

In 2008, Fr. Larry Doersching, S.M., joined the C-M family as President.

The 2009-2010 school year marked Chaminade-Madonna's 50th Anniversary Jubilee. The celebration began in August 2009, with a C-M family liturgy, anniversary cake cutting ceremony, and an aerial photograph of C-M students, faculty, and staff forming "50!" C-M traditions and events throughout the school year continued to commemorate the rich history of Chaminade High School, Madonna Academy, and Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory over the past 50 years. The 50th Anniversary Jubilee culminated with the 50th Jubilee Mass, celebrated by former Archbishop John C. Favalora, and Picnic on May 22, 2010.

2010 - Present

In October of 2010, C-M was voted "Best School" in the "Best of Hollywood" contest sponsored by the Hollywood Gazette.

The school's current Principal, Mrs. Teresita Vazquez Wardlow '81, was appointed in July 2011, and returned "home" with excitement and a passion to serve her alma mater.

In October of 2011, C-M was voted "Best School" in the "Best of Hollywood" contest sponsored by the Hollywood Gazette for a second, consecutive year.

In the 2012 school year, C-M will implemented a new educational technology initiative, placing iPads in the hands of all students and teachers. This bold iPad program is the result of the school’s forward-thinking mission to provide a state of the art learning environment that prepares students for the colleges of today and for the careers of tomorrow. The program will utilize the Apple iPad and the Blackboard Mobile Learn platform giving teachers and students access to course content on the go. C-M is also rolling out training workshops to support teachers with technology-centered curriculum development, installing a campus-wide wireless network, and continuing to expand its online communication tools for students, teachers and parents.

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